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Basic Project: Cutting Board



Saw Stop (table saw)





I picked up $15 of random wood castoffs to use. I also purchased some butcher block oil for a finish, you could probably use any finish (just check for food safety).


Project Build:


For this project I rummaged through the castoff wood section at Woodcraft.  As you can see in the photo - my wood is in bad shape (I didn’t pick the worst I could find, but I didn’t sort for the best pieces).  The first thing that I need to do is to prepare the lumber - first too square it off and then to level the wood pieces down to uniform thickness.  I started by using the jointer.


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Cardweaving, or Tablet Weaving, is an ancient craft by which people wove the narrow bands and straps needed in everyday life.   

Woven Blue Flame
blue flame

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My idea was to create a customizable robot that adults and kids could drive at events and demonstrations. I created a 3D printed base in which motors, batteries, motor controllers, and receivers could be inserted. Then a LEGO base plate could be glued onto the front of the base. Each part inside has a JST connector so that it can quickly be changed out for another part without soldering wires. 

Overview of the Raspberry Pi Intro Classes.

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We built a web enabled microscope around the new Raspberry pi 3!

These robots are built around the Pixy computer vision sensor. This vision sensor is low cost for under 100 dollars. The sensor tracks color hues at a whopping 50 frames per second.  If you’re interested, you can find more information about Pixy at their wiki page.

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These were custom robots made for a a one time workshop for high school art students though a program found here. During the workshop we divided roughly 20 students up into 4 groups were each group built a walking robot.

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Arch Reactor has shown/demonstrated decorating Pysanky/Ukrainian Eggs at several events including the Kansas City Maker Faire, Mastadon Faire Family Day, and the Saint Louis Science Center Bright Ideas Expo.   Watch the Arch Reactor calendar the month prior to Easter every year as we host annual in-house Egg-Days!
Space Egg from 2019


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